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about us.

We are VOIP specialists – nothing more and nothing less. We offer a range of services. To other service providers we provide management services of their VOIP platform. We also offer resellers an opportunity to complement their offering by making use of our VOIP systems and sell on-sell those as as part of their total package. And lastly we offer VOIP services directly to businesses and residential users


What we offer

First and foremost we focus on call quality. It's not for no reason that VOIP has earned itself a name of being riddled with <br>
bad quality calls. We focus solely on VOIP - it's all we do - and we make sure that all systems are in place to ensure the best possible call quality. Our systems are lean, powerful and flexible without unnecessary frills that just add costs.

A PBX in the cloud at the lowest possible cost. Work from home, your office, or the beach – you will be connected to your PBX no matter where you are.

Your own onsite PBX

Still have a PABX onsite and want to connect it to a VOIP system to save costs? Simply get a sip account from us, get your PABX supplier to configure it and you’re ready to go

A simple phone solution

If you do not need a PBX but simply want to have a number of phones connected for receiving and making calls – this is for you


Get in Touch

Existing customers - you can log in through the client portal and send a message from there. Alternatively, simply send a mail to for anything not billing related, or if it is to do with anything financial.

We're at 021 286 1000 should you wish to speak to us. Sending a mail is usually better as you are issued with a reference number automatically and it gives us time to investigate what is being reported (in the case of any problems).
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About us

Res enim fortasse verae, certe graves.

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About us
Where to find us

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